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Artist:FAT JOE
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Track:Shorty (Put It On The Floor)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Busta Rhymes, Nick Cannon, Chingy)
New York, Put it on
the flo.
New York, Put it on the flo. (What!) (Cmon)
Cali, Put it on the flo.
Cali, Put
it on the flo.
Miami, Put it on the flo.
Miami, Put it on the flo.
Atlanta, Put it on
the flo.
Atlanta, Put it on the flo.

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
One time, the women
start sniffin around, when we be rippin it down, we got em stickin around.
The way they love to
feel like Im the king of the town.
The way my money stack steep and got em flippin
And got em makin a sound.
Ayo, you looking delicious. Baby girl, I only use my
dough for coochie or chicken.
Listen, cooked food. Shorty fatten my tummy. You can go in and
have my slice, dont touch my money.
Even though you looking good and it was nice to meet ya,
you be lucky if you even get a slice of pizza from me.
Before you ever try to touch my money
clip, Ill put you on the corner walking up and down the money strip.
Now looka here, honey dip
betta find another dummy quick. Homie tryna stunt, betta jump inside a money whip.
I see where
you can get and keep it over there, you betta try your luck cause you aint getting nothing over

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
I think you need to move it to the left (Shorty)
it to the left (Shorty)
If you aint got your own paper, I dont suggest you hold your breath
Keep it right (Shorty)
You betta keep it tight (Shorty)
You betta bring money
out ya crib, cause you aint getting none of mine, tonight (Shorty)

[Verse 2:
Ma, let me see you twist it like a centipede.
I keep a sack of that, plus some
Since I got rich, I keep a lot of enemies.
But trick when its like th
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