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Artist:Gang Starr
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Gang Starr
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Intro: Greg Nice

Ah yeah, here's another Gangstarr sure shot, featuring the one and

only, uh heh heh heh handly handly boy, Nice & Smooth, hey, hey,
HEY, HEY!!!!

Ganstarr has got to be da sure shot
Nice & Smooth has got to be da sure shot

[Greg Nice]

Greg Nice!!! Greg N-I-C-E
Droppin dem basso, ah oui
Rock for a fee, not for free
Maybe I'll do it for charity
Now my employer or my
Is makin Greg N-I-C-E very M-A-D
Don't ever ever think of jerkin me
I work
to hard for my royalty
Put lead in ya ass and drink a cup of tea
Peace to Red Alert and
Kid Capri
Ooohh la la ah oui oui, I say Muhammad Ali, ya say Cassius Clay
I say butter you
say Parkay
It's alright if ya wanna make a sway
I'm a way up town, took duece to the
I originate, they duplicate
I praise the lord and keep the faith
It's alright
keep bitin at da bait
'92, uh!!, one year later
Peace out Premier take me out wit da

[Premier scratches and hooks]


I chant eenie meenie,
minie moe
I wreck da mic like a pimp pimps hoes
Here's how it goes I am a genius I mean
I shake this you'll take this
I'm kinda fiendish
You wish that you could come
into my neighborhood
Meaning my mental state
Still I'm 5 foot 8
Crazy as I wanna
Cause I make it orderly
You could say I'm sorta da boss so get lost
The brotha dat
will make you change opinions
Dominions I'm in them when it's time to kick shit from
heart, plus I get a piece of the action
I'm feelin satisfaction from the street crowd
Chumps pull guns when they feel afraid, too late
When they dip in the kick they
get sprayed
Lemonade was a popular drink and in still is
I get more props den stunts den
Bruce Willis
A poet like Langston Hughes and can't lose when I cruise
Out on the
Leavin the Bodega I say "suave"
Premier's got more beats den barns
got hay
Clips are inserted into my gun
So I can take the money, neva have ta run

[Premier scratches and hooks]

[Smooth B]

I left my Phillie at home

Do you have another?
I wanna get blunted my brother
Now may I make a mark
Then make a
spark over this phat track
Or should I say dope beat
Subtract, delete
All of the wick
wack that wanna be abstract
But they lack the new knack that's comin from way way back
yo Premier, please pass that buddha sack
You hear we quit?
No way, bullshit
I told ya
before we come back wit more hits
I provide bright flava, so you could sketch me
Do me a
favor, dont try and catch me
Slightly ahead of the game, I'm not a lame
Ask him, he'll
tell you the same he knows my name
Smooth, I drop jewels like, paraphenalia
infallable, not into failure
Like a rhinocerus, my speed is prosperous
And pure knowledge
expands from my esophagus
I write here tonite to bring truth to the light
My dialogue is
my own cause Smooth B will neva bite

[Premier scratches and hooks]
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