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Artist:Garth Brooks
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Track:A Friend To Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well you and I
We're buddies
And we've been since we first met
Me any you

Well we've sure been through
Our share of laughter and regret
Lord knows
we've had our bad days
And more than once we've disagreed
But you've always been a
friend to me
You can be so stubborn
There's times I think you just like to fight

And I hope and pray
I live to see a day
When you say I might be right

And there's times I'd rather kill you
Than listen to your honesty
But you've always
been a friend to me
You've always been
Time and again
The one to take my
And show to me it's okay to be
Just the way I am
With no apology

Oh you've always been
And you will 'till God knows when
Yes you've always
been a friend to me
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