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Artist:Green Day
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Track:J.a.r. (Jason Andrew Relva)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:My friend drove off the other day,
And now he's gone and all they say,
Is you gotta live
cause life goes on
But now I see i'm mortal too
I can't live my life like you

Gotta live it up while life goes on

And I think it's alright
That I do what I like
cause that's the way I wanna live
And so I give
And i'm still giving

And now I wonder about my friend
If he gave all he could give
Cause he lived his life
like I live mine
If you could see inside my head
Then you'd start to understand

The things I value in my heart

You know that,
I know that,
Your watching me

Gotta make a plan
Gotta do what's right
Can't run around in circles

If you wanna build a life
But I don't wanna make a plan
For a day far away

While i'm young and while i'm able
All I wanna do is....
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