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Artist:Grim Skunk
Taken from the album Meltdown by Grim Skunk
Track:East Coast
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Another day, another point of view
Two friends no longer get along
I haven't changed so
what happened to you
The attitude you had is gone
Say things but don't know what they
mean, you lie...
Your values all come from magazines
You should try to think for

It's really sad to see what you've become
I still believe what I
We used to rock when we were young
Two upstarts in the hardcore scene
regret... East coast, mother fucker!
How soon you forget to think for

Another wasted day
That you've let slip away
We're losing
Eight years have come and gone
You think your work is done
But I am still
Your bullshit trip is out of control
It's all wrong
You're digging yourself
into a hole
From now on,
You'll have to SPEAK FOR YOURSELF...
Speak for yourself
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