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Artist:Grim Skunk
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Track:Fat Als Illness
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:What's wrong, you feeling sad, depressed?
It ain't so bad
Look at you, you're still the
You're not going insane...
Get it together
Concentrate don't lose
Blinded you're insecure
Feeling so severe
That you can't even get to sleep at
So you are all screwed up
No matter what you do
No matter what you choose
and confused
You'll always lose
Beat my fist against the wall
I can't take this shit at
Between two choices I am stuck
Neither of which pleases me much
Ask me why I'm so
pissed off
Could it be I'm just fed up
Get my feet back on the ground
Get my mind
thinking straight
Things are getting better everyday
I'm finally doing things my
Feel pretty good about myself
I'm a stuck up son of a bitch and I'm proud
Play my
music loud
And I find the answers in every single song
Shattered your hopes are
Where is your self esteem
Wake up it's not a dream
It's really what it seems
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