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Track:Dr. Frankenstein(feat. Mr. Short Khop
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Supreme gangsta shit
We dream gangsta shit
[rain pouring] Yes [electric shock, beaker
Yes [knock on dorr]
Yeah what is it? [continual knocking on door]
What is
it?!? (Doctor, is everything alright?)
Yes, I'm straight, go to bed [thunder claps]

[animal screams] Yeah! Yeah!
[woman screaming] It's ALIVE!

[Ice Cube]
pourin rain, thunder and lightning
Clash of the titans, I'm home writin
Gangsta rap has
arrived, I'm the only man alive
October 31st, 1985
Hard times, just got harder

Adolescent Ice Cube, the shit starter
A martyr, thanks to the father
for bein this mean as
sixteen raps, feel like the bitch scream
You learned about your triple beam from me
stopped payin for pussy and hit that ass for free
A little G never thought, that I could change
the world
witta attitude, a Raider jacket and a jheri curl
Got every girl wantin to do me,
screw me
Boyz N The Hood, the first rap, the first movie
Oooh wee *woman screaming* it's
So whatchu gon' do 24-7, 3-65
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein

Short Khop - x2]
Ooooh wee, it's alive
You better run and hide
Cover your ears and
your eyes

[Ice Cube]
The world had to bow to this new style
Dial 9-1-1, makin
more money than the law allow
But Fuck Tha Police, they can get deez
Now who was sayin
shit like that before me?
No-body, but everybody wanna take the star's place
and be
Scarface in the car chase
Illigitimate, counterfeit
Even got white boys talkin shit off
the shit I invent
No no, motherfuckers musta took a photo
Tryin to call my gangsta shit
but who ya usin? Fool it ain't no solution
to the evolution, of pimps and
I cuss, skanlous, I give a rush
to niggas who mind turn to mush, smokin on
Hush, I'm just a lush for this Hen
Chrome electroids, connected to my pen
blowin motherfuckers ain't knowin what we goin through
Spiritually, lyrically showin you

They call me, 'AmeriKKKa's Most Hated'
Gettin liberated by this monster I created

[Mr. Short Khop]
We love to bump you Frankenstein
Yo' shit is the
Take my body and my mind
Don't fuck with the stress
Hit me with that game to
If you want, hit me again
We love you Frankenstein
We love you Frankenstein

[Ice Cube]
Now how many times did a nigga have to warn ya?
Ya fuckin up the formula
(call the coroner)
It's outta hand, cos sucker ass niggas like you
try to pay the rent off
my blueprint
New cent to the industry
You thought my shit was biodegradable, uh uh, it's
Unstoppable, runnin through your suburbs
Incredible thug words
We gets
down, nigga do the Monster Mash
and watch a nigga like me collect monster cash
Cos I'm
sittin wit this bitch who got monster ass
Keep em wonderin how long the Don will last
never pass, and when I want it buttered on toast
Can't no nigga see Ice Cube on no coast

So all you gotta do is focus
and see that I'm the fuckin loccest with this hocus pocus
Dr. Frankenstein, ugh

[Mr. Short Khop - x4]
Ooooh wee, it's
You better run and hide
Cover your ears and your eyes
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