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Artist:Jennifer Lopez
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Track:J Lo
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Love is life
And life is living
It's very special

[ J Lo ]:Oooooh
[ LL Cool J
]:Baby don't go
[ LL Cool a ]:Baby don't go
[ J Lo ]:Yeahhh
[ LL Cool J ]:Baby don't
[ LL Cool J ]:Baby don't go
[ J Lo ] Yeahhh
[ LL Cool J ]:Baby don't go
[ LL Cool
J ]:Baby don't go
[ J Lo ]:Yeah yeah

[ J Lo ]:It's such a shame, but I'm
Can't take the way you mistreating me
And it's crazy but ohh baby
I't don't
matta whatever don't phase me

[ LL Cool J ]:I don't believe you wanna leave like this
don't believe I just had my last real kiss
I do believe we'll laugh and reminise
Wait a
minute don't bounce baby
Lets talk about it

[ J Lo ]:Well I'm bouncing and I'm out
I gotta leave you alone

[ J Lo ]:Cuz I'm good
Holding down my spot
And I'm
Reppin the girls on the block
And I'm good
I got this thing on lock
So without
me you'll be fine, right??

[ J Lo ]:All my pride is all I have
[ LL Cool J
]:Pride is what you had, baby girl I'm what you have
[ J Lo ]:You'll be needing me, but too
[ LL Cool J ]:Be easy, don't make decisions when your mad
[ J Lo ]:The path you chose to
run alone
[ LL Cool J ]:I know you're independent you can make it on your own
[ J Lo ]:Here
with me you had a home
[ LL Cool J ]:When time is of the essence, why spend it

[ J Lo ]:The nights I've waited up for you, promises you made about coming
So much time you wasted, that's why I had to replace you

[ LL Cool J ]:It makes
a cat nervous the thought of settling down
Especially with me, I was creeping all over
I thought my
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