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Artist:Kingston Trio
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Track:E Inu Tatou E
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:by George Archer, c. 1947,1964, 1965
(Many thanks to Big Wayne Shrubsall for researching and
contributing these lyrics)

E inu tatou e
hara E inu tatou ite ava e
E inu tatou
E inu tatou e
hara E inu tatou ite ava e
E inu tatou e

A rave hoi oe
rave hoi oe
*A rave ite mau peu ri'i e
A rave e--
ite mau peu ri'i mau ae te man
vahine e.

For singers: pronounce each syllable and vowel separately. The line marked * then
would be pronounced this way: Ah rahvay eetay mah oo payoo ree-ee ay (as in
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