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Taken from the album Blaze by Lagwagon
Track:E Dagger
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Come on E!
try to go easy!
we can do anything (repeat).
Come on E!
we got it
we can stop anytime (repeat).
Come on E!
it's just a party!
Let's go
the party town
then we can party down.
Come on E!
check out my funny hat,
name is Randal,
I wrote you this song.
Can't you see that all we need is one night to
It's bound to be the last in all of its glory.
Come on E!
raise your glass
to the sky!
drink to that song that plays
older days
just want to get
don't be a bummer!
look at this summer day!
the sun is rising once
Can we have just one night without all this self-distruction?
I just love my
husband, I can't live without him.
Come on E - we're going easy - it's just a party - time to
get gnarly.
Come on E - try to go easy - my name is Randal - it's nice to meet you.
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