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Artist:Manic Eden
Taken from the album Manic Eden by Manic Eden
Album:Manic Eden
Track:Can You Feel It
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:music: A. Vandenberg, lyrics: R. Young)

Tell me, tell me can you feel it, go from a
whisper to a scream
The look in your eyes bears a clever disguise
But your touch lets me
know what you feel - I know what you mean, honey

If you let me look inside dear, I won't
waste your precious time, no no
The night holds the answer to your darkest fears
But the
pleasures are all in your mind - the pleasure is in your mind

Solitary passions, all
alone dear
Feel the tensions of the world outside, oh yeah
I can see you drowning in your
own tears
As you hold on, hold on to your pride

Can you feel it? Tell me can you
feel it

Promise I could never steal it, precious moments of a time
Just hold on to
what I'm giving to you, 'cause the truth is so hard to find
'Cause the truth is so hard to

Look into my eyes dear, 'cause it's so clear
See the sparks as they turn to
flames - yeah yeah
Silence is demise dear, when you're so near
I need an answer, answer,
make it clear

Can you feel it? Tell me, can you feel


Can't you feel that I am searchin', in your heart and in your
If you're ever confused by the words that I use
Just a touch makes it clear

Open up your mind girl, to a new world
It's a feeling I just can't
Look into the fusion, no illusion
When you're so near, so clear, it's all the

Can you feel it? Can you feel it

(Can you feel it?) Can you feel it now
now now
(Feel it, feel it) Feel it when the morning comes
(Can you feel it?) Can you feel
it now now
(Feel it, feel it) Tell me, tell me
(Can you feel it?) Goes from a whisper to a
(Can you feel it, feel it) Yeah in your eyes
(Can you feel it?) It's a clever
(Can you feel it?) Can you feel it?

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