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Artist:Martyn John
Taken from the album Solid Air by Martyn John
Album:Solid Air
Track:Jelly Roll
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Mister jelly roll baker, can I please be your slave?
When ?...? your ?...? on I'm gonna rise
from my grave
For your sweet jelly roll
Bake the best jelly roll in town
the only man baking jelly and you're keeping your damper down

They say ''Can I place an
order for three weeks ahead?
I'd rather have your jelly than my own baked bread
I'm just crazy 'bout your jelly
I'm so wild about your jelly roll
You're the only man
bakes jelly and you keeps it in your soul''

You can take all my women, you can sure keep
'em all
I've got a brand new secret that your men can't catch on to at all
I'm a jelly
roll baker
I bake the best jelly roll in town
I'm the only man baking jelly and I'm
keeping my damper down
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