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Artist:Martyn John
Taken from the album London Conversation by Martyn John
Album:London Conversation
Track:Rolling Home
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Rolling home, sun's around my shoulders
Rolling home, I feel it getting colder
In my
eye the birds cry, cry into the land
While beneath my feet the ship flies, fly into the

Rolling home, rolling home

Thoughts returning, thoughts of what I told
Thoughts returning, thoughts as I get older
In my mind I hear her crying, crying
in the wind
In my mind I hear her crying, her tears they wheel and spin

home, I'm rolling home

Golden dawns are shining all around me
Golden dawns that
really think they've found me
And I know I will be happy in laughter behind the song

And I know I will be happy when she and I are one
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