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Artist:Mayall John And The Blues Breakers
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Album:USA Union
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I’m crying
Yes, I’m crying
And I just don’t know
How it’s all going to
I’m thinking back a long time
When I hit my woman down
It was a bad bad evil
When I realized what I’d done
It was way too late, too late
Too late for
words and I’m crying

In torment sometimes
We hurt each other so bad
Nobody to
turn to, no going back
No such thing as God for us
No more to touch her body
No more
to stroke her hair
All I can do is break down in tears
I’m crying and
Where am I now because of what I did
I just don’t know and I’m

It was a long time ago
The pain is over now
But I still think back
And remember how I cried
I was crying
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