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Artist:Old Songs, Lullabies, Shanties etc.
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Track:A bed-time song
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sway to and fro in the twilight gray,
This is the ferry for Shadowtown;
It always sails at
the end of day,
Just as the darkness is closing down.
Rest, little head, on my shoulder,
A sleepy kiss is the only fare,
Drifting away from the world we go,
Baby and I in
the rocking chair,
See where the firelogs glow and spark
Glitter the lights of the
The winter rain in the window, hark!
Are ripples lapping upon its strand.

There! where the mirror is glancing dim,
A lake lies shimmering cool and still,
are waving above its brim,
Those over there on the windowsill,
Rock slow, more slow in the
dusky light,
Silently lower the anchor down!
Dear little passenger, say "Good night"
We've reach'd the harbor of Shadowtown.
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