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Artist:Paula Terry
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Track:E-mail Me!
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:They say long distance love can never stand a chance
I can prove them wrong
Our love keeps
growing stronger each and every day
Through our loving e-mail

I'm waiting for your
It's a quarter past three
Oh baby where's your loving e-mail
To bring you closer
to me

E-mail me and then I'll know you're still mine
Still mine all the time feels so
E-mail me to bring you here by my side
All the night feeling right

I remember
your sweet touch
>From all those loving words, you e-mail to me
Nobody in this world could
love me like you
Do - so pure and true

I've got to have your e-mail, it means so much
to me
Please remember to e-mail,
And prove that you love me

E-mail me to bring your
real love to me
Then I'll know you're still mine all the time,
E-mail me and express all the
love that you
Feel in your heart tonight
E-mail me and tell me that you love me,
me, meant to be, must be right,
E-mail me to bring us together with
Stars and the sweet

E-mail me and then I can sleep tonight
Dream of you here with me kissing
E-mail me and I'll fly to you on a magical carpet ride!
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