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Taken from the album 8 Mile Soundtrack by Rakim
Album:8 Mile Soundtrack
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Rakh (x8)

Chorus (x2)

Rugged and rough thats how I do it

Allah, who i praise to the fullest

Keep it movin'


Its my crown, my world, my throne

Verse #1

when Rak come along
its a rap ya'll relax
the alminac
just show me where the parties
seminars and tracks
closed comas and cardiacs
broads and cats screamin "oh my god,
hes back"
just imagine, I hit the lab and get it crackin
A thousand styles and one verse
wearing the swiss patterns
chicks get stabbed in the back til they have spasms
known to
spit a magnum or split a atom
who would of known that jesus would come back to the ghetto

on that level
like a black pharoah with packed metal
so black rebels, a black pedal

the pharoah with 5 bevels and take a word of rap
gettin bazaarre, oh hardcore
this is for
y'all, the crib or the par
playin when you get in the car
chill at the bar, spit somethen
or split a cigar
get with yah dogs to bring along to the bar

Chorus x2

Verse #2

I used to paint this flo' on nathan scrolls
then learned to make this
doe with gangstas roll
think like the late great capone, but the bank is closed
these cats
that think they ball but they aint this cold
im from new york city, even where pretty chicks
act dark
niggas get clapped up, you stack up, they stick that up
put the strap up, you
thought my name was kid, back up
big niggas, *spit* pick that up or lick that up
raised by
gangsters and gamblers, hustlers, conartists, convicts, killers and dons
drug dealers, players
and pimps, smooth talkers, stick up kids, thugs, real niggas and dogs
wanted by every soul and
lay dead in the turf
cursed by every spirt and never made it to birth
since the moon
seperated from earth
thats why they say thats why im the greatest that ever orcahstrated a

Chours x2

Verse #3

Hey yo
toast to that, its the cat
that broke backs to a sold clap or smoke a track, how dope is that
pope will rap, wrote back
the most slack
they know back before they turned coke to crack
to my dawgs hearin sirens
on the firearms
i'll come, dyin wars and behind iron bars
the boulevard retire broads when
i aint bob
try and rob my dialog, i am god
chicks moan to get next to my throne, sniff my
cologne and get rak alone
sex pots at home, the tests gots to go
caress spots, dressed up,
fed rocks to bone
hit the floors, its for 2003
hits galore, who rock a style as wild as
rest assured when i rock dance crowds, they scream
bitch malore, i rock mine out

Chorus x4
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