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Artist:Silkk The Shocker
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Track:A 2nd Chance
Date Added:18/10/2007
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How many of my TRU niggas actually get a second chance at life,
at their dreams?
not many, huh
Started off as a street thug, just hangin' and thuggin'
'89 went to jail for
druggin' and muggin'
poppa please ain't no fuckin' way for me
probation for 10 years don't
mean you're free
I know my TRU motherfuckin' niggas know how I feel
this shit's real I wish
my brother wouldn't of got killed
for me to realize the game is wicked
shit can't even trust
the niggas that I used to hang with
huh, but I remember what my brother told me
I know a
real bitch by the way she hold me
I love my TRU niggas like I love money
if you fuck with no
limit you never find nothin' funny
and I take it to the grave with me
if you shoot first
bitch you better make sure you hit me
cuz I'm known for choppin' keys on my mom's table
split a hundred G's with my niggas Kane and Abel
fast money fast bitches is what I live
until I caught a fuckin' bullet in the back, bra
they thought I was dead but I'm still
in it
I'm back to life back on top ain't no limit
Back to life (from the cradle
to the grave)
Back to reality (some younsters on the streets tryin' get paid)
from the
cradle to the grave
there's some youngsters on the streets tryin' get paid
Back to life
(from the cradle to the grave)
Back to reality (some younsters on the streets tryin' get
[Master P]
Tattoo hennessy and weed
grew up in the project with killers and
the Last Don is known for slangin' and bangin'
thug niggas 3rd ward Caliope where we
ghetto's soliders mercenary we rhyme
this game is life or death and its your soul or
we d
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