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Artist:Stanley Brothers
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Track:Cry From The Cross
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:One morning in Jerusalem about the break of dawn
A great trial was in session, they tried our
blessed lord
They scorned him and they mocked him, they made him carry the cross
On top of
Calvary mountain, they crucified my Lord

Oh the cry (Jesus cried) from the cross

Forgive him blessed father, he died upon the cross
Oh the cry (Jesus cried) from the
The son of God was dying, to save the world from loss

Saint Peter he denied
him at that awful trial at night
He said he never new him, it was an awful sight
He looked
upon Saint Peter with eyes of perfect love
Saint Peter's heart was broken, he prayed to God

Crying father it is finished then he bowed his head and died
The world was left
in darkness, the graves were open wide
An earthquake shook Jerusalem the dead walked into
The multitudes were frightened, God's wrath came pouring down
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