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Artist:Tom T. Hall
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Track:A Bar With No Beer
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The beachcomber works by the ocean all day
He gets what the tourists and the sea throw
He's hot and he's thristy and the words hurt his ears
When they tell him he stopped
in a bar with no beer

It's lonesome away from your kinfolks at home
By the campfires
at night where the buffalo roam
But there's nothin' so lonesome, so morbid or drear
to sit on a stool in a bar with no beer

There's a dog on the sidewalk for his master he
But his boss is inside drinkin' wine with his mates
He hurries for cover and cringes
in fear
Ain't no place for a dog 'round a bar with no beer

Now Billy the barfly,
first time in his life
He went home cold sober to his lovin' wife
He walks in the kitchen,
she says, you're early, my dear
He breaks down and tells her, the bar's got no beer

The owner is anxious for the beer man to come
There's a far away look on the face of the
The waitress is cranky, she says, it's lonely in here
What a terrible place is a bar
with no beer

Well, I've had me some trouble, I've had me some pain
Been locked up in
the cold and left out in the rain
I fought with the law but there's one thing I fear
get stuck in a town in a bar with no beer
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