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Album:Unholy Terror
Track:Let It Roar
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:OH GET UP on your feet
It's time to rumble
It's all ya got
It's all that you're
living for
Oh, It'll drive your crazy
You're gonna feel like Superman
You feel the
You know you're gonna feel the roar

Thunder at your feet
Are you
Kneel to your Gods
Gonna roar - oh - oh
Crank up what you need
drives you crazy
Come and bring the noise
You've been dying for

Oh get down on
your knees
And bow to thunder
And whose your God
An what are you praying for
it's a killer baby
Oh are you gonna die in vain
Will you cry oh no
You gotta let it
Let it Roar, oh what's it gonna be
Come on and stand for what you believe
Oh you
gotta get up on your feet
Or die on your knees
Let it Roar, cause I wanna be oh
Cause I , cause I believe in something
Oh, Give me thunder Oh I'm gonna
Let it
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