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Artist:Widespread Panic
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I couldn't have transcribed this song without the 'Everyday Outtakes' tape)

Brian Whitman

Jack was really a jester
held his one good eye on the queen
And there sat the king beside her
He's pointing his
sword up and down with every scene
And the wizard's in the corner
Catching peanuts between
his teeth
And the dogs lying in the shadow in the archway
There's one good dog sleeping
filled with good ol' dog dreams

He slipped next to the wizard
Whispered something
deep, to the bottom of his ear
A little joke, the one about the farmer's daughter
How she
was stomping on grapes, coming up with blue feet and beer
And he slipped behind the
A little fool's gold, the rich don't mind
Lately the king's (k)nights have turned a
little rusty
And his halo - I mean his crown - has gone and slipped around his

The wizard's in the corner
Pulling lizards between his knees
And the dog
he been long gone
Gone to pitch for the winning team
Fifty-two, I mean fifty-four bicycles
on the wall
Ready to ride, ready to ride until the last of them falls
Jack's been cooking
in the kitchen
Whompin' (?) up some biscuits for us all
For us all
For us
Ready to ride, ready to ride, ride
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