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Artist:A Camp
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Album:A Camp
Track:Frequent Flyer
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Would you help me pack my bags?, i might be leaving
I need some sweet asistance while i’m
Some of your time
I hope that’s fine

I got photographs of
all you, all i’m needing
Forgiveness if i let you all believing
That i’m the
‘cause i feel like none
and i need something to direct me to it
/> Chorus:

‘cause i’m a frequent flyer, notorious liar
but i can’t get
close enough
i never get close
i can’t get close enough

i would love
to tell my story from the ending
but the story is getting thin from heavy spending
i need my man
and i need a friend
and i need someone to protect me from the rain />

to the ending
i can’t get close enough ah ahhh
can’t get close enough to the sun
i can’t get close enough

chorus />
it seems
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