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Track:No Where to Go
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:feat. Diamond D, Kool Chuck

No surrender no retreat
don't play in the streets
Every day catch me on the block
Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
to noooow

[Kool Chuck]
I'm ready now, givin' these rappers lyrical shakedown /> When we get it on, you get scuffed up and torn
I make you wish you was never born /> These niggaz like to talk that shit
They be burnin' with the devil if they fuck with
We pop Crys' and we ain't even out yet
And we can fuck yo bitch
I'm all about
the money, see I don't fuck
But a lot of niggaz, you know, niggaz get funny
But I'm the
type that set you up
Dub, take you up now watch your girl get fucked
Bud is comin'
backed up
You can be the MC, whoever
And I don't give a fuck
It's Chuck nigga,
don't disregard the Kool
Or you'll be swimmin' in the blood pool
The most of mine niggaz
has gone shoo'
Am you a buncha niggaz wildin' in the zoo
I been nice for years, you
niggaz is played
I get late gear, still in fear

/> [Diamond (D)]
Yeah to my nigga A.G
What it feels like, what it feels like
yo, yo, yo
I seen you in the club about to smack the ho out you now
Frontin' at the bar,
like you really know how to wild
I'm like a mean coke I never go out of style
hustle's goin' to good for me to go out and wild
But I got some gorillas at my disposal />

Plus, I did my homework; nobody knows you
Lyin' about, how you and
your click, rob shit
And a beat up hooptie, listenin' to my hits
But you funny niggaz,
straight Bugs Bunny niggaz
Get everything on a layer way, no money niggaz
But your
reputation proceeded you, beat
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