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Track:Weed Scented
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:feat. Guru, O.C., Party Arty
Turn it up..

[DJ Premier scratches] /> "Pack ya whole crew"
"I bring it to ya live" "One hundred percent"
"I bring it to ya
live" "Pack ya whole crew"
"I bring it to ya live"

[Verse One: Guru]
excuse you for not knowing, we always been spot blowin
You kick rhymes, but you're not
You think you shine, you're not glowing
Where we're headed you're NOT going /> Tell your girl she needs to stop hoein
Heard she got caught showing, her naked ass for no
Loves to blow dick, word to Rick, she's low-class
But getting back to you, you
ain't macking dude
With ya cellophane game, you can catch a smack too
With ya fake eye
smug, you ain't a thug, fuck ya attitude
Best show the Guru and his Fam some gratitude /> You mad at me, I'm mad at you
You hate on me, I laugh at you
I'm warning dog, on it,
tell my homeboys to clap at you
Niggaz tried to murder me for a wristwatch
Rap shit
ain't no comedy, word to Chris Rock
Niggaz'll stair like queers for years
'Cause when I
spit tight, you get rocked
Word to Jimi Hendrix, it's weed scented

[Hook: Party
It's so dirty they can't believe that we did it
It's weed scented, get the dutch
and put some trees in it
Pack a shorty at the bar then leave with it
Spit a verse, pass
the mic..

[Verse Two: O.C.]
.. yo, let me hit it
I got the beat like a
dutch, fill it with something sticky
Perceed gettin bend at the same time getting busy /> Chocolate flows, spark the dro, Mary Jane make the eyes low
Cheech and Chong, hit the bong,
many colors 'spond with phenomenon
Shit is G.D.: A.G., Party and D-Flow the don
it's on we 'bout to form
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