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Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:I listen good 'cause you're superior
I have competed and now completed
This is my
future, this is my score
Take my life from the book
Like they've done before
/> You are the choice, you give the tools
And I'll pass the line with success
Prepare me
for the big life I obey the rules
I thank god on my knees I can go to school

suddenly experienced this wasn't right for me
To practice what you preach for the rest of my
To walk along the path that you've set out for me

Conformation or self
Be a part in don't care at all
Educated, indoctrinated
The more you told
me the more I hated

Finally I realized this system wasn't right for me
I could
never take for granted all the bullshit
When you talked to me
Now I see the difference
between you and me

Confrontation of self regard
The danger of intelligence /> Wavering institution
You prepared me for insurrection

You should be ashamed of
To create this perfect image
Of a world that's one big trap
To come up
with a great illusion

You're the teacher
Of our future
Must we take over /> What you did wrong

You should better ask yourself
Why there is no use
forming an enormous gap
Between problems and their solutions
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