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Artist:Arlo Guthrie
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Date Added:24/10/2007
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Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo
Abiyoyo, yoyoyo, yoyoyo

upon a time there was a little boy who
played the ukelele. He'd go around town,
blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp,
bImp blmp blmp, blmp blmp, blmp!'
Grown-ups said
""Get that thing out of here!""

Not only that, the boy's father was a gettin'
trouble. He was a magician. He had a
magic wand. He could go 'Zoop! Zoop!' make
disappear. But the father played too
many tricks on people. Somebody doing a
hard job of
work, 'zzt, zzt, zzt', up comes the
father with his magic wand, 'Zoop!' no saw.
Come to
someone about to drink a nice cold
glass of something, 'Zoop!' the glass
He'd come to someone about
to sit down after a hard day's work, 'Zoopl'
no chair. />
People said to the father, ""You get out
of here, too. Take your magic wand and /> your son!"" The boy and his father were
ostracized. That means they made them
live on
the edge of town.

Now in this town they used to tell stories.
The old people used
to tell stories about
the giants that lived in the old days They
used to tell a story
about a giant called
Abiyoyo. They said he was as tall as a
house and could
eat...people... up.
Of course, nobody believed it, but they
told the story anyway. />
One day, one day, the sun rose, blood red
over the hill. And the first people got
and looked out of their window, they saw a
great big shadow in front of the sun.
they could feel the whole ground shake.
'Stomp, stomp'. Women screamed, 'Ahh!' /> Strong men fainted ""Ohh!"" - ""Run for
your lives! Abiyoyo's coming!""

came to the sheep pastu
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