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Artist:Arlo Guthrie
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Track:My Front Pages
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:I remember now the time you left
You thought to say farewell
But for how long you would
be gone
There was no way to tell
You just set out upon your road
It caused you
lots of grief
And took you many places that
You came to, for to leave
Alone for years you sailed around
At last your ship come in
charge admission on her deck
Or sail her out again

Among the people that you
Are some you'll see again
With perfumed flowers in your hands
You stood there
in the rain
They set the stage for anything
And everyone was game
You came alone
and now at home
They stop and ask your name


You'd like to see
your friends again
The ones left on the road
And ramble `round from town to town /> And tell me what's been told
And sing the song you sang before
You sat before the
And fate alone will guide you on
And give you words to sing

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