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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Kung Fu
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Once about a time there was a kid
didn't have a bicycle or a car that skid
Only thing he had was Pat and Turner
He didn't
know the future but the lesson to learn-ah
way to get started in the music biz
Just listen
to the story as I tell it like it is
I was a youngster from East Junior High School
thought somebody with Adidas sweat-shirt was cool
It symbolized somethin, but I don't know

I wanted to be down really really bad so
I asked one of my best friends Derek Mangareu

"C'mon man can I be down can I be down witcha crew?"
He had one by the name of Masters of
I wanted to be down, so I could play the role
He said, "No you're not good enough
we have ours Mark"
I went home and sat in the room with no lights in the dark
And this is
gonna be a rough rendezvous
and that's why I sing this song to you

I'm a lonely
soldier.. yeah..
many miles from home..
with a heart that's heavy..
and with.. a will
that's strong

I got a little older, three years to be exact
when a crew named
Midnight Express gave me a crack
It consist of one MC and two DJ's
And the way Kevin D cut
had me amazed
It was like I just joined the Lakers
or even Rock Steady or the New York
City Breakers
I was in 11th grade, at ?? High
They was sayin they was sayin hey what's
wrong with this guy
because all he do, is bang on tables and mumble
and doin music with
his mouth like a band ensemble
or the human beatbox wasn't thought about
and the teachers
they thought I was crazy without a doubt
I guess they didn't understand what I was comin
Since I was into MC'n, they thought I was dumb
Then there was a teacher by the name
of Ms. K Parke
Since I was good at rememberin numbers she said I was smart
But that don't
got nothin to do with this rendezvous
and THAT'S why I sing this song to you!

I'm a
lonely soldier.. yeah..
many miles from home..
with a heart that's heavy..
and with..
a will that's strong

I was a walkin son of a gun before the day I begun
I'ma tell
you how it started, from day one
Well me, I lived in >??
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