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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Hooker Got a Boyfriend
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse One]
Aiyyo here's a tale, about a female I once messed with
Or better yet, skins that
I swung eps with
Face full of grace, waist shaped like Vanessa
Del Rio, oh-me-oh, my but the
heffer had
big juicy lips, wide hips you had to call fat
Stacked back to mack, yo the hooker
was all that
and lots more, and baby girl I had the hots for
But I'm really not sure, who
she spread the twat for
Heard it was a kid across town named Hector
But I don't give a heck,
so I still went and checked her
on the down low, he ain't around so
Out of sight, out of
mind, get your coat and let's go
So we dipped, hopped in the whip and we was gone
Off to
City Island cause they had it goin on
Two yuks a foo, now the mood was set
Caviar at the
bar, Red Star, Moet
Silk suits, spendin loot like a straight up mack
When I felt somebody
finger tappin me on my back
And turn around quick, but before I could begin
All I seen was a
big mac-10, aiyyo it's her boyfriend

"Hooker got a boyfriend!"
"Why do she
do this boyfriend?"
"Ohh ahhh.. why do she do this boyfriend?"

[Verse Two]
it, yo
I broke camp, ran like a champ, yep I jetted
Off to the trunk for the pump, time to
set it
Money kept screamin some CRAP that I dissed him
So I started lettin off {*gunshots*}
but I missed him
Honey got scared, and called the five-oh
So yo, you know the half Dukes,
time for me to go
Cause I ain't the type to be doin no bid
For a dame or a lame-brained punk
Spanish kid
So I chill, call the hooker up the next day
She told me come over yo, bet I'm on
my way
Be there in a sec, yo I'm not too far
She said, "Park around the back so he don't see
the car"
Met me at the door wi
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