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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Let Me See U Bounce
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Elephant Man]
Biz Markie and Elephant Man, we sensei
Bump fair ladies like Sean Paul, okay,

[Biz Markie]
Ladies and gentlemen, how do you do (a do)
It's been a long
time but without further adieu (adieu)
The Diabolical came to get the job done
Cause I'm
the, Woogie Boogie and the master of fun
If you're ready to rock, and ready to get down
grand groovin here to prove a different sound
I gotta get funky for the Y2K
Each and every
time I know what to say
East West Midwest and the Dirty South
Always love the way that I be
rockin the house
All the ladies, in the new jeans
Like Steve Arrington, you make me weak at
the knees
I'm glad to be right here with y'all
Let the players play, and ballers ball,
Chant, if you like the song
C'mon baby doll just sing along

[Chorus - repeat
Girl, let me see you bounce
Let me see you bounce
Let me see you

[Elephant Man]
Every ting be a bounce, make me see girls a
Make me see boots a bounce, make me see party a bounce
Disc jockey be a bounce, raise
the stage up and bounce
Hopin dat de club a bounce, if ya irie a bounce
All de funkers a
bounce, bartenders a bounce
Soul people a bounce, all dese people a bounce
BOUNCE, ju know!
Bouncy bouncy bounce bounce, she no care
Bouncy bouncy bounce bounce,
What kind of booty dat she have {?} in de air
Just a bouncy bouncy bounce bounce,
she no care
Bouncy bouncy bounce bounce, anywhere - ju


[Biz Markie]
Yes, I'm here to confess
That I took
the S off Superman's chest
He got mad cause I felt, Lois Lane's breasts
I asked her could I
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