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Artist:Biz Markie
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Track:Not a Freak
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Biz Markie]
In what? In stereo
How long, until it's time to go? Baby doll
It's the
Biz Mar-kie, and the Def Squad!
Oh see, we gotta do this again like this, check it

[Verse One: Biz Markie]
You keep on knockin but you can't come in-ah
My way of
rhymin, cause you're a beginner
You know with my flow, I bring the ill freak funker
I'm so
unforgettable like Archie Bunker
I be catchin wreck like my name was Randy Moss
And always
be flossin, my funky diamonds costin
My, my my repertoire
Is so bizarre you go hardy har
My jingle bell-ah always Roc-A-Fella
Even if I go acapella it will still be a best
I got super sperm, eat wheat germ
Never had a cameo, never had a perm
I'm not
Billy Dee, or R. Kelly
Or, Markie Dee or B.I.G.
I'm a, LITTLE somethin like Heavy
Because "girls ah girls they love me"

[Chorus: Biz Markie]
I'm not a freak! But
I can't help my-self
I'm not a freak! But I can't help my-self
I'm not a freak! But I
can't help my-self
I'm not a frrrrrreak! But I can't help my-self

[verse Two: Erick
Yeah... yo
I'm that eighty-eight, 'It's My Thing' rapper
You that one year
scream BLING rapper
Dapper than Dapper Dan, my interior's Gucci
Overdosin, call me John
Never liked Lucy and I beat Little Ricky
Made him Cry a River like his name was
I rock gold chains, I never wore the platinum
Unless records was jewelry and it come
from rappin
(WOW!!) Like the Diabolical Biz
I'm followin his, style - how are you
This here is real, Mobb Deep underground
Take me to funkytown, and drive around
hop out the Hummer, the same color as the truck
Fake ca
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