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Artist:Black Clint
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Album:No Time To Kill
Track:A Bad Goodbye
Date Added:18/10/2007
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With Wynonna

I've been bound to leave you, we've known that for awhile
sure it's something I can't do if I can't leave you with a smile
I don't know how far I'll have
to go till I'm sure those eyes won't cry
And in my mind I've left enough to know that I can't
leave you
With a bad goodbye

Goodbye, easier said than done

Goodbye, there's no good when you're the one
Whose goodbye you swore would never come
in my goodbye you're finding none

I'm still bound to leave you, I surely don't know
My heart won't let me put you through
What my mind said should happen now
I don't
know where we'll go from here, there may be no way to fly
And the cloud I'm in just makes it
all too clear that I can't leave you
With a bad goodbye


can we be so far between where we are and one more try
And any way I look, I've only seen that
I can't leave you
With a bad goodbye

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