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Artist:Black Crowes
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Album:Three Snakes & One Charm
Track:Good Friday
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:we've been avoiding this for so long
Luxury is temporary than it's gone
I thought that we
would happen
I guess i'm wrong
Well say hi on the street,
Then well move along
know this will be awkward
But not for long
Cause soon you'll have a new boy
To sing
you songs


I will not forgive you
Nor will i accept the blame

I will see you on good friday
On good friday

I'm sorry i couldn't do this
And tomorrow i am busy and what
It is i can't say
And saturday's no
I got a show
So it's got to be good friday
Then it's so long


You, you come and go when you please
I know unfulfilled heads
I know you
do too
But i, you know i never see
Things through,
Never paid attention to you

But honey i tried.
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