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Artist:Black Crowes
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Album:Live At The Greek
Track:Out On The Tiles
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Written by: bonham/page/plant

As i walk down the highway all i do is sing this song,

And a train that's passin' my way helps the rhythm move along.
There is no doubt about the
words are clear,
The voice is strong, is oh so strong.

I'm just a simple guy, i live
from day to day.
A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away,
There's nothing
more that i can say but on a day like today
I pass the time away and walk a quiet mile with

*all i need from you is all your love,
All you got to give to me is all your
All i need from you is all your love,
All you got to give to me is all your
Oooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, oh yeah.

I'm so glad i'm living and gonna tell
the world i am,
I got me a fine woman and she says that i'm her man,
One thing that i know
for sure gonna give her all the loving
Like nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody can.

Standing in the noonday sun trying to flag a ride,
People go and people come, see my rider
right by my side,
It's a total disgrace, they set the pace, it must be a race
And the best
thing i can do is run.
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