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Artist:Black Flag
Taken from the album Loose Nut by Black Flag
Album:Loose Nut
Track:Loose Nut
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Loose nut in my head
Loose nut rattling my skull
Crying for a human touch
Or anything
that'll reach my soul

*(x2) Loose nut in my head
A bolt of lightning between my
I can't think straight my mind's a mess
I only see straight when I'm being led

Loose nut, I want head
The loneliness I dread
Loose nut you can help
Be with me
so I don't hurt myself


Loose nut, no bolt fits
My head is giving me
Loose nut looking for diversion
Just anything that'll let me stick it in


Don't mind my crazy smile
Hand me the phone so I can dial
I'll be back in
a little while
But first I gotta get some vertical smile


{ Lyrics
and Music - G. Ginn }

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