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Taken from the album C True Hollywood Stories by Canibus
Album:C True Hollywood Stories
Track:C True Hollywood Stories
Date Added:18/10/2007
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True Hollywood Stories.. True Hollywood Story..
True Hollywood Story.. True
Hollywood Story..
True Hollywood Story.. True Hollywood Story..
True Hollywood Story..
this is a True Hollywood Story..

Yo I vaguely remember 1974, when I was
Soon as the doctor cut my ambilical cord, he put me in my mother's arms
I was cryin
when she looked down at me
She was smilin cuz I guess she was happy (Coochie-coochie-coo!)

She absolutely had no idea
I was flowin cuz it wasn't quite clear (You so cute!)
She just
kept ticklin me and ignorin me (Weeeee!)


My native home
was Jamaica (No problems man)
We moved to the states a few years later
I had trouble
fittin in (What did you say?)
Cuz I had a funny speech impediment
People couldn't
understand what I mean
Meeda sata greedafa zeen (Sha oh)
I used to wear cross-colored
Rasta belts with the red, gold, and green
My man used to boost travel pocket for
True Hollywood Story


In '93 I met the Lost
Without them, I wouldn't even have a voice
I showed the world I was nice with the
That's how I got signed to Universal
I released two albums, in all sold 9 hundred
and 99 thousand
Over the years, alotta people tryed to diss me
Cuz I grabbed a piece of
hip-hop history
Thank God that the drama didn't destroy me
True Hollywood Stories


I took a trip to England with Pac-Man
Five months later
we met Stan
He was cool so we let him join the band
And introduced him to the rest of the
Then I hooked up with this cat named Lou (Lou-minatti)
And he was cool with C-4
too (plus two)
Now the whole crew's on tour with me
True Hollywood Stories


This is a story about beef
Arrogance, lies, and deceit

This is an independent release
And that's why it's totally depended on the streets
I ain't
got no record label behind me
Maybe nobody got the balls to sign me
But it's cool cuz soon
they'll all be callin me
This is a True Hollywood Story...
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