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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now I lay here.
Surrounded by darkness.
And I really don't know,
Is this reality? Or
is it just a dream"

Smell of death - morbid smell. What else can it be?
No ** anymore,
my lips are blue. Nothing ** ** **
Walls are moving, deep inside. I don't care about
The sun's far away. No hope any more. No chance, I can't get out.

Everything I
needed before, is unimportant now.
I don't need no prayers now, just give back the light.
won't cry - not anymore. Nobody can give me help.
Rotten flowers between my hands, remembrance
of my life.

Tears are rolling it's time to say goodbye.
Death brings a smile and

Forgotten time, forgotten sense, my mind is paralyzed.
Rats and worms, left as
friends. They're eating me away.
Spider webs on my hands, all wrapped up in chains.
I am
sure I'll see again. Your days are numbered too.
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