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Track:What What (featuring Da Brigade)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Repeat * 3)
All my ladies say What What What
And all my dogz say What What What

Ladies and gentlemen may i grab your attention
Its the dopest M.C from the midwest

Did i mention?
So clap your hands and stomp your feet
And party on down to the
Bizarre kid beat
Throw your hands in the air so i can feel it
“its the big guy rappin
with the idiotic __”
Forget your small talk watch Bizarre kid get wild
Garauntee to get
your girl warm like a reptile
Big chubby guy comin straight from 7 mile
Your girl heard my
And said “oo he's foul”
So tell your man to stop trippin bro
Or he gunna
get rushed by 10 guys he dont even know
Representin the __, moneys wut im gettin
** still
gigglin bush ** , my styles forbiddin
Its the big guy, do the butterfly to the ground
the base head bounce
Man i got that packed down
Man forget the night
We gunna party
till the day
And im a strip dance at your girlfriends cabera
(Repeat * 3)
All my
ladies say What What What What
And all my dogz say What What What What
Does Bizarre roll
with Slim shady? - Yah yah
Quick to drive up in your Mercedes - Yah yah
Datin ladies
nearly 80 - Yah yah
Now who in this rap game could fade me?
Some of you rap guys never
heard of me
Somtimes I be in Dallas or even North New Jersy
Forget the Moet we drinkin Hen
dog all night
And pass the __ so I can get high as a kite
A slow song come on its time to
dirty dance
And right now Im grabbin any girl I can
Grab her butt cheeks and hold her real
And tell her me and you were gettin “wild the night”
Gimme your beeper number
and checks before you leave
“Ai yo call me tomorow and ask for Steve”
Oh no this sh
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