Random Lyrics for Ballad Of An Elder Woman:

Artist:Martyn John
Taken from the album London Conversation by Martyn John
Album:London Conversation
Track:Ballad Of An Elder Woman
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Now woman, don't you feel sad when you see your life go round
And you realise you've been
drinking all of your years like wine?
You're gambling with time and you know you just can't
But still you feel that somehow you've just got to keep on trying

And woman,
it's your heart I hear crying

Now the young man by your side is your husband, or so you
In reality, he's a link with a past you just can't replace
You tell the world
you're happy when you're lying in his arms
Oh, but his youth has made you hate to see his

And woman, it's your heart I see crying

Now you're standing like some
tree, oh, and the blossom has blown away
And the last leaf has gone crumbling tumbling
towards the ground
You have nothing to teach me, just have nothing at all to say

Except to keep on telling me about all the happiness that you do think you have found
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