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Artist:Arlo Guthrie
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Track:Under Cover of Night
Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Truth is you've been waiting so long
You're ripe and so insane
Can the tentacles of
your mind stop the pain

How long will you sit there wondering
What's happening
to your heart
Can't you fell the love surround you - That's a start

CHORUS: /> I'll take to the road in a little while
Under cover of night
You come or you stay

Whatever seems right

I ain't looking for friends or lovers
Ain't looking
for a pot of gold
Had it all when I was younger - It got old

Who will leave
this world of sorrow
Who will die to all the fears
Kowning I'll be gone tommorow -
Gone for years


Somewhere the sun's just rising
And the
road comes in to view
There's a wanderer freed from dying - Could be you

will pay the price for freedom
Learn the disciplines of the road
Many tried but few
succeed - So I'm told
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