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Date Added:24/10/2007
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Lyrics:Long ago I watched the man bring the
Convulsing white fowl to his mouth, he
Chomped down
hard on the neck, blood spurting
And dripping, the body dangled for a second
Then ripped
from the head and hit the floor

I bit into the young neck, teeth sinking into
warm flesh, blood running down my throat
And face, relishing the bits of skin stuck /> Between my teeth, drinking all the blood my
Young friend had to offer

I ripped
the throat out of the infant I stole,
Holding the thing over me and letting the sweet /> Blood rain upon my face, lifeblood gushing from
The gaping hole - the one I created,
Quenching my thirst

I lacerated the juggular vein of the prom
With my filed teeth and quickly pressed my lips
To the gaping wound, supping on the
thick fluid
Spewing from the virgin throat

I am a modern day freak show /> With a thirst for blood
I sup on the life of only the young
I tear and I drink /> I kill and I feast
I follow tradition
I'm a bloodsucking geek
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